The Perfect Choices for the Champagne Pools Now for You

If you are planning to create a family pool for children, for example, you would rather choose a large progressive bottom pool. If you prefer to swim, you should rather plan for depth and length: then opt for a swimming lane. Note that almost all configurations are possible depending on your terrain.

What type of pool to choose?

Once your uses have been defined, you can start looking for the ideal pool. There are many types of pools, to choose according to your desires and your budget.

Above-ground pools: This is certainly the least restrictive type of pool. To be placed on the ground, the above-ground swimming pool does not require any prior work, it is easy to assemble it alone. It is a friend of small budgets, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand euros depending on its size and the materials used. The Champagne Pools – Riverside are the best options.

The swimming pool with modular panels: 

To make yourself, or to have carried out by a professional, swimming pools with modular panels are part of the family of swimming pools in kit form. In steel, polymer, aluminum, or prestressed concrete, they offer great flexibility in the choice of shape of the basin. This type of pool is perfect for small budgets;

The monohull pool: 

Monohull pools are, as their name suggests, prefabricated polyester shells. They are very quick to assemble, but, unlike above-ground pools, they require the services of a craftsman for the preliminary earthworks and a professional pool engineer to install them. They are larger in area than most above-ground pools but offer fewer configuration possibilities than concrete pools. They are located between kit swimming pools and classic buried pools. Their price remains accessible, thanks to the little work necessary for its implementation;

The concrete pool: 

The concrete pool, more commonly called masonry, is the “tailor-made” pool par excellence. It can only be carried out by a professional because it requires a high degree of technicality. The principle: we pour concrete into a reinforced structure and we can give the pool a completely new shape. It adapts completely to your needs and your desires. The price of this type of pool varies widely depending on the shape of the pool, its size, its depth, etc.

Filtration system for your pool

One of the essential elements of your swimming pool is its filter. It is essential to ensure the good quality and cleanliness of the water. The filter can be natural or mechanical and reduces the use of disinfectant in the basin.

Filter media filters purify water using sand or recycled glass. The constraint of this filter is its compulsory attachment to the mains drainage. The cartridge filters suck up the used water, treat it and discharge it into the basin. They are particularly suitable for swimming pools with small surfaces, but are not suitable for excessively hard water. Very easy to maintain, the cartridge is cleaned with a jet.