The Straight Arm or Linear Actuator: Things You Got to Know

A straight arm motor, also called a “straight actuator,” or “actuators” are possibly amongst the most usual kind of automated swing gate operators. You install these on the inside of the gate. Internally there are various techniques used to operate the arm, yet they are mostly utilizing a screw jack or worm drive. Every one of these devices has one end connected to the post holding a gate panel, and the other end affixed to the panel.

The appeal of this kind of opener is due to their more budget-friendly rate and as they don’t require a great deal of added space next to eviction.


  • These have a low profile; they do not use up plenty of additional areas.
  • This makes them a good selection for narrow driveways where the area is limited.
  • When you obtain these, many brands provide for a little cash, an optional battery backup that comes in useful when there is a power failure.
  • Linear arm actuators are really cost-effective compared to box electric motors.
  • In those rare conditions where you need to have a swing gate open in an outward direction, these can be adjusted to fit that. But also, you should know that you must set up a swing gate to open externally with caution.


  • The direct arm actuators are not as effective as the pad-mounted box electric motors. For heavier, bigger gates, you’ll likely need a box driver.
  • Swing gates normally have to available to the ground that is not substantially more than the ground level at the level where the gate is closed.
  • If your gateway is to be installed in a location where there are strong winds, an inadequately mounted or maintained swing gateway can be extremely hazardous. With swing gateways that are operated by arm actuators, we highly recommend you install an electro-magnetic to maintain your gateway fully shut at all other times than when the gate is shutting or opening.

Other Variables to Take into Consideration in Choosing Your Gateway Opener

There are a few elements that are important to take into consideration in choosing the right gate opener. Vital for all drivers is the schedule of electricity. Another factor is the ability of eviction as well as the operator to deal with or against an incline. Please keep in mind that the setup of any kind of gate as well as operator managing an incline brings about several variables and requires real proficiency in the measurement of the property, the engineering of the gate, as well as in the installation of the gate.