Things That Can Make Your House Look Outdated

There is a beauty about certain home design features from the past that makes them feel historic or vintage. Others? Others? They haven’t existed for a long time absolutely. In one particular era, a pattern that was so common that it dates your home immediately can be a flag for friends (or potential homeowners, if you’re planning on selling) that you haven’t renovated in decades. You do not care, of course, if your home is trendy. If you absolutely love a unique element, preserve it by all means. But you should consider upgrading these items that make your home look outdated if you are planning any renovations or if you’re worried about resale value.

Carpet Everywhere

There was a moment when carpeting from corner to corner was a luxury must-have, and it’s all about hardwood nowadays. The carpeting offers protection underfoot and reduces sound, which is especially relevant in bedrooms. Do consider changing to wood your apartment’s main floor. Not only is it more in line with home trends today, but it is also cleaner and tidy.

Honey Oak Cabinets

These golden-toned wood cabinets have fallen out of fashion as white and grey cabinets have increased in popularity, a standard in kitchens of the 1980s and ’90s. Try refinishing or painting what’s there if you don’t like your light-stained cabinets, but they’re in good condition.

Beige Walls

It’s a slight change, but as the neutral option has changed to grey, warm beiges are going to look out of date, with undertones of pink, purple, or peach. Choose a greige (that’s grey + beige) that is a soft neutral with both cool (grey) and warm (brown) notes, if grey is too cool for you.

Dark Wood Paneling

In the 1960s and 70s, dark wood paneling was so common that it used to be nearly difficult to avoid it in any neighborhood. Today, while many homeowners in favour of neutral have eliminated the dark and dreary characteristics out or brightly painted drywall, paneling persists in many homes that have not been renovated in decades. However, outdoor wood wall panel is still trendy and in fashion nowadays, consider bleaching or painting over it to keep it fresh.

Popcorn Ceilings

Throughout the mid-20th century, this velvety treatment gave ceilings a sophisticated finish everywhere and offered a challenge for anyone going to remove spider webs from the upper corners of a room. Popcorn ceilings are still around today in plenty of homes, despite their general lack of popularity, because removing these ceilings, some of which contain asbestos, can be costly, messy, and potentially health-threatening.

Pastel Fixtures

In the 1950s, pastel pink and mint green toilets, tubs, sinks, and more were common, so if they’re really at home, that’s a clear indicator that no one has been renovated since then! But be careful that these retro fixtures are still trendy with a certain collection before you refurbish, so see if you can find a new home for your old porcelain.