Transitioning From Traditional Window Cleaning Methods To Improve Safety 

The current trend nowadays in window cleaning is the use of extendable water-fed poles that can reach heights up to 50 feet without compromising the safety and health of workers. The latest high tech equipment is now being used by professional and commercial window cleaners to deliver the best possible results.     

Traditionally, window cleaning in buildings require ladders, scaffolding or suspended platforms, tap water, cleaning solutions and detergents. The window glass is scrubbed manually using a brush that has been dipped in tap water mixed with detergent or cleaning chemicals. If the window is not easily accessible, the worker has to come up with a solution that often puts his life at risk. 

A safer method to reach inaccessible windows is the use of water-fed poles with a soft brush at one end. Purified water is fed to the pole while the brush agitates dirt and grime and loosens them from the window glass and frame. Tap water that is typically used to clean windows is transformed to purified water through a de-ionizing process to produce a completely film-less and smear-free surface. The use of purified water results in an exceptionally clean window that is guaranteed to last for a longer period of time. 

The use of an extendable water-fed pole has become a popular choice for domestic and commercial windows because of the time and money saved. Besides that, no one has to risk his life just to make a window sparklingly clean. The process of window cleaning is simplified. Workers do not have to carry heavy buckets of water while climbing ladders or scaffolding. The water-fed pole allows workers to conveniently work from the ground while maintaining control over the pole without putting themselves in a dangerous situation. 

It takes longer for dust and grime to build up in windows that have been cleaned with purified water. Using tap water leaves behind a milky white residue on the window glass due to mineral content. Purified water when left to dry naturally on the windows results into a crystal clear finish within minutes. The whole window is cleaned including the frame and sills. 

The traditional method of using a brush and a bucket of water mixed with detergent or chemical solution is harmful to human health and the environment. The use of purified water in the water-fed poles is safe and efficient and won’t harm people and the environment including the local ecosystem. 

In many cleaning situations, the highest costs are usually associated with labour. Traditional window cleaning methods are time-consuming and labour intensive. The use of extendable water-fed pole eliminates the costs of safety equipment, harnesses and cleaning supplies. However, the greatest benefit is the improvement in safety and the reduction in work-related injuries.