What are the Technical Characteristics of Septic Tanks?

Currently existing septic tank structures are at risk of overflow when the wastewater flow exceeds the pit capacity. This usually happens in soils with lower water permeability. Therefore, in the presence of such factors, a sludge is built up to the fecal reservoir and the treated water is discharged into a flood field. Its construction is similar to that of drainage, but its function is the opposite – to ensure the absorption of water in the soil. Make sure to browse our website to find out more. We are here to provide you with a complete guidance and help you plan and build the perfect septic tank for your home. Simply contact us right away.

If drainage is being built in the building instead of absorbent, a filtration field is being built and the wastewater is discharged from the drainage facility.

What is the estimation?

The roughest estimation of the area of the absorption field, and therefore of its construction costs, can be made by estimating the water consumption – about 1 square meter for every cubic meter of water per month. Of course, this value is subject to clarification and is related to family planning – children are born, grandchildren, guests…

In the design, the soil filtration coefficient should be specified and the highest level of groundwater should be considered in order to avoid drainage into the sediment. If the terrain is inclined, the absorption of the absorption field must be maintained within the design boundaries to prevent the discharge of wastewater to the surface in the low part of the field.

It must be borne in mind that the absorption of wastewater into the soil will render unusable water sources located 100-200m in the direction of groundwater flow, since this distance is necessary for biological treatment. In addition, minimum distances from buildings and other facilities should be observed for the pit and for the tillage field.

Technical characteristics of the septic tank

  • It should first be noted that the septic tank of a private house should be located no closer than 50 meters to the water point and no closer than 8 meters to the base of the house. The slope of the pipe is made by calculating the depth of each meter 2 cm.
  • As for the pipes themselves, the sewer pipes can be ‘external’ and ‘internal’. In this way, the “inner” pipes are cheaper but less resistant to external influences, so they can only be used inside the house.
  • The volume of the septic tanks was calculated by calculating the maximum water consumption per person per day equal to 400 liters. And given that the water has to stand for at least two days, the working volume (below the entry point of the sewer pipe) of a person’s septic tricks should be three times as much – 1.2 cubic meters.