What can you do when your windows have mold?

Mold on your windows; an unwanted thing can make your home dirty. It is responsible for causing health problems like respiratory issues. So, the question is, how can you stop growing mold on the windows? Here are some methods by which you can think about banishing the harmful intruder. Checkout some Toronto windows and doors here.

Identify the cause

Molds are present as microscopic fungi that show a high growth rate in moist areas and dark conditions. You can find it in your bathroom, kitchen sinks, and from the place where the water is leaking into the walls or floors. Molds on window sills are also a common problem that can affect the window frame. It occurs when rain leaks inside the window or result in the formation of moisture.

Remove the window for fixing the problem

If mold has surfaced the window frame, one should remove the window and clean it. Don’t forget to remove wet insulation or to frame to dry it. Also, seal up the leaks around the window to prevent the problem.

Always check your roofs

A roof can be an apparent reason behind the leak. It results in sending the water down to your home and then to window frames. Therefore, check the roof thoroughly to avoid any kind of problem.

Redirecting the water

Your basement windows can also get affected because of their closeness to the ground. On fixing the window, it is easy to drain the water from your home. Moreover, it is easy to protect the downstairs windows by calling a trusted company to replace them. By doing this, you can redirect the water and prevent the window.

Using bleach for cleaning the window

In the market, there are lots of enzyme-based products available that can be used for cleaning the window. This can be diluted to become a solution that works best for eliminating the mold. It is said that never mix the bleach with ammonia because it can be disastrous. Be careful while making a mixture of bleach and water.

Window replacement is the sure-shot method if you want to get rid of the mold. And for this, you can but a superior range of windows. Do visit All American Windows Gallery to search from the enormous variety.