What is the best Metal Roof for a House?

Selecting the best material for your metal roof can be a daunting task and a difficult one too. Since there are so many materials that are available on the market today to choose from. Metal roof consists of many types of products and it is not limited to any specific kind of metal.

However, metal roofing in Muskoka speaks about different types of metal roof such as zinc, copper, aluminium, and steel.

Let us now discuss each metal one by one.


This metal is considered as the grandfather among the metal group because it is being used over centuries around the world. Due to its longevity, this metal can survive more than 200 years without any complications. Moreover, it is a much more eco-friendly option since it is a recyclable product.

Apart from this, copper is the best metal to use for metal roofing in Muskoka because of its softness. However, using copper has many disadvantages associated with it. For better insulation, you need to mix it with proper substrates as copper can get easily damaged because of its extreme softness.


If you live near a coastal area, then it is better to use aluminium for your metal roofing in Muskoka. This is because aluminium has a strong resistance power to salt corrosion as compared to other metal roofing materials. Many people believe that aluminium has no effect on corrosion, but it quickly reacts to weather conditions since it is a highly active metal.

This is the reason that aluminium offers greater protection to the roofing because of this quick reaction time. Moreover, aluminium reacts with the outside environment and that creates aluminium oxide along the way. This helps in sealing the roof of your house and restricts corrosion. But using an aluminium can be too expensive especially if you are running low on budget.


Zinc is considered an amazing material for metal roofing in Muskoka. Besides this, it can last more than 100 years. Since zinc many natural properties, this is why it is the most favoured for building commercial roofing systems. Further, it is easy to clean as compared to other metal roofing materials.

Apart from this, zinc is the most eco-friendly metals rather than other metals. Also, zinc comprises the lowest melting point. Meaning, you require the only ¼ of the energy that is required to process other metals, such as copper or steel. Another benefit of using zinc as your metal roofing Muskoka is that it is a 100% recyclable product, meaning it is a total eco-friendly product.

The lowest point of using zinc is that is rather expensive than aluminium and other metal roofing materials. Moreover, you need to hire an installation expert to get the best out of the product.