Why Linen Bedding Sets are the perfect choice for you?

Walk into a 5-star hotel and the first thing that mesmerizes you are the quality bedding sets, moderately magnificent yet comfortable to the touch. Being one of the world’s most prized and oldest textiles in the world, Linens used to be a symbol of affluence and luxury. In fact, even now linens are famous worldwide, not just as clothing choices, but increasingly as ‘the household material of choice’. From linen bedding, pillow covers, and duvets to curtain covers, table runners, and more- you will be spoilt for choices.

Why are linens so popular?

The truth is, if you’re looking for extravagance, shimmers, and satiny velvet feels, linens are not the one for you. Weaved organically using flax fibers, linens are more humble and suave than vibrant and booming. Then why choose linens as your favorite material for internal decoration? Let us list you the core benefits linen wedding has in store for you.

  • Linen is triple times stronger than cotton fabrics making it super durable
  • The modest, lightweight texture makes it suitable for every occasion
  • Linens make you summer ready as they absorb sweat and deflects heat
  • Linens come with an aura of elegance that makes any linen material exquisite in look
  • Linens are made organically and need no special aftercare. You can simply machine wash and sundry it.


How can you use linen to enhance your internal décor?

There are simply no restrictions as to how you can work your linen the best! You can use linens in typically every fragment of your household. Let us help you out with a few tips of our own that we have collected from the MagicLinen’s collection.

  • Linen Bedding Sets

Imagine yourself sprawled on your linen duvet covers as your dimly lit bedroom reflects the modest ambiance seeping from your linen bedding set. Linens signifying prosperity and luxury have always looked enigmatic- especially as a bedding set that lets you breathe freely.

  • Linen Sofa Covers

Your drawing room sets the impression of your abode as people walking in through it experiences an outburst of luxury masked in serene aura- and all this because you replaced your usual sofa cover with opulent linen ones.

  • Linen Coasters

Linens are already known for their absorbent qualities. The rich dyed fabric in linens are also heat reflective- making it the perfect contender for table coasters.

  • Linen Bathroom essentials

Linens make the best bathroom accessories, from breathable hand and face towels to soft yet durable bathing towels- you can revamp your bathroom’s ambience simply with a change of fabric style.

Apart from these, linens can also be used for curtains because of their lightweight and durability, along with table runners, bathrobes, kitchen aprons, accessories and more.