4 Things Every Great Outdoor Party Needs

Warmer weather often means moving things outside. Whether you are hosting an elaborate gala or banquet or a low-key family reunion, you’ll need to take extra care when holding it outdoors. Take time to plan for contingencies and have the right equipment on hand to ensure your event is a success.

  1. Clean Restrooms

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor event or festival where there were not enough restrooms for the number of people there, you know why this is at the top of this list. Portable toilets are fine for sporting events and casual outings, but they aren’t what you want at a more upscale outdoor party. If you will not have clean, accessible, indoor bathrooms available, it is worth looking at mobile restroom trailers that can be rented. These offer a nice compromise and are more affordable than you might think.

  1. Safe and Convenient Parking Areas

You want to find a place for partygoers to park that is safe for them and their vehicles. It should be close to the festivities, but they shouldn’t be driving right through them, either. Having volunteers or paid attendants to help guide people to open spaces and then direct them to your event can be a tremendous help. A shuttle can make off-site parking more accessible for people, too.

  1. First Aid Staff and Equipment

Safety is important, and there are plenty of ways to get hurt at an outdoor event. Invest in a well-stocked first aid kit and be sure that someone on-site knows how to use its contents. This way, if a minor accident does happen, you can handle it quickly so everyone can get back to having fun.

  1. An Inclement Weather Plan

No matter how well you plan for things, sometimes Mother Nature’s ideas trump your own. Be ready with a backup plan. Some ideas that can be helpful as you try to weatherproof your event include:

  • Large tents with or without enclosures and netting to protect guests from rain, cold, and insects
  • Patio heaters to help them stay warm in cool weather
  • Fans, misters or cooling tunnels to provide relief from the heat

There are times when even a good backup plan won’t save an event. If your plans overlap the peak of hurricane season, for example, you might want to have an alternate date or site ready just in case.

Whether it’s casual, formal, or somewhere in between, every large outdoor event needs the right mix of features to succeed. Use common sense and reserve the necessities ahead of time to ensure that your event goes off smoothly and your guests have a great time.