All you need to know about Promain Paints and their service

If your patio has been worn out, weather beaten and badly stained, then you need to revamp it properly. Doing so will make the patio return in its initial condition as if it has become new and fresh. In this regard, you can do everything on your own if you have the proper knowledge about it. On the other hand, you can decide to hire Promain Paints to get the job done by professional people. 

If you are looking forward to restore a patio at your home, then you are to consider some important aspects and things first. Restoring a patio will make sure that it will withstand soapy scrubbing, foot traffic as well as harsh weather. Here are step by step methods to revamp a patio as per your preference. 

Prep your patio first

At first, you need to clean the patio properly using push broom or similar tool. Then use a lead blower for removing all kinds of loose debris from surface of patio. If any leaves or dirt gets stuck down in expansion joint or control joint, then remove it carefully. After that, check for any kind of mildew or mould if there is any. You can use oxygen bleach powder to remove such green stains. It would be better to use some scrub after using the bleach on surface. At last, you should use some kind of liquid cleanser along with some long handled brush for scrubbing patio clean of any kind of remaining dirt and dust. 

Apply paint on the patio

After cleaning the patio properly, leave it for few hours or a couple of days to dry off. On the day of painting, check out the weather forecast and make sure that there will not be raining that day and the temperature should be around 50 degree F. 

Now you need to use the first coat of painting. You can your preference of branded colours with water and make the colour coat. If you do it on your own without any prior knowledge or experience, then doing some online research would be very beneficial. It would be beneficial to use latest concrete floor paint. 

After you are done using the first coat of paint on the surface of the patio, then you can proceed to go for the second coating option. But you are supposed to wait till the first coat of painting gets completely dry. You are supposed to be careful while applying the second coat of painting. You have to make this layer of painting quite thick and apply this full strength. Using a good quality brush is to be very beneficial and useful in this regard. 

After applying the second coating wait for few hours so the painting becomes bright. If you are not satisfied with the results, then you can apply another level of coating on this and leave it for some. It will be better if the painted surface of the patio gets some sunlight in the process.