Are Plumbing Fees covered under the Homeowners Insurance Policy?

The main purpose of home insurance is to make homeowners feel secure in case there is sudden damage to their home and properties caused by fire, storm, or falling object.

I’m sure that there are homeowners that are willing to insure their homes but there is this question in their minds, does homeowners insurance cover plumbing?

The homeowners’ insurance policy covers specific kinds of water damage. This plan covers homeowners insurance plumbing issues that are sudden and accidental, the plan does not cover issues that have accumulated over time.

For example, if you come back from work to discover that some pipes are damaged, the insurance company is obligated to reimburse you for the pipes and any other property that is affected.

However, if the plumbing issue was caused by a gradual leak, a sewage system, or rusted pipes, your insurance claim might be rejected.  

Plumbing issues under Homeowners Insurance

There are three clauses in your homeowner insurance policy that gives you the power to ask for a reimbursement in case of accidental damage to your property.

One of these clauses is called the dwelling coverage clause; it ensures that every part of your property is insured, which means if you will need to remove a part of your wall to fix a faulty pipe, you will be reimbursed.

The second clause is the property coverage, if any of your property (TV, clothing, furniture) is damaged as a result of a plumbing issue, your property coverage clause will reimburse you.

The third clause is the Additional Living Expenses (ALE) coverage. If there is a plumbing issue that makes the house to be uninhabitable, the coverage will reimburse you for your hotel, travel, and food.

Plumbing issues that are not covered      

Certain plumbing issues are not under the homeowner insurance policy. If your plumbing issue is a result of rusted pipe or accumulated deterioration, your home insurance company will not reimburse you for any damage.

Also, if the issue is a result of personal neglect, maybe you slept off and forgot to switch off the water supply; your insurance company may not cover it.

There is also the polybutylene plumbing issue; most of the pipes that were used during the 1990s were made of polybutylene. If you are still using these pipes and it ruptures and causes damage to your properties, your insurer may not cover it.

If one of your water system equipment has exceeded its expiry date and the equipment should cause damage to your house, you will not be reimbursed.

Preventing Home Plumbing Issues  

The location of your home is one of the major factors that determine if you will need a homeowner insurance cover. There are a few simple methods that you can use to prevent plumbing issues:

Always winterize your plumbing, if you will be leaving home for a very long time, it is always reasonable to completely shut down the water system. Ensure that you drain the water in the pipes, valves, and water tank.

Also, tree roots can be quite dangerous to your water system, if you realize that the roots of a tree are extending to your sprinkler system or home, you will need to act immediately.

Also, if you notice that your plumbing is getting old, contact a professional to check the pipes, you will be able to know the parts that need to be replaced.