Basic Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Tips

An evaporative cooler helps you to stay cool and save money when the temperature gets hot in the summer. Unlike AC units that use only electrical energy to keep you feeling cool, evaporative coolers use the natural evaporation processes. If you own a portable evaporative cooler and you’re excited about its benefit, that’s great! All you are needed to do is learn how to maintain it to keep it operating for a long. Below are some essential evaporative cooler maintenance tips to ensure your cooling system stays in optimum condition.

Always Unplug Before Cleaning

Although this is the first rule with any electrical appliance, people tend to forget it. Before you begin the maintenance process, you need to shut off the evaporative cooler and disconnect from the power source. It will not only save you energy, but it will also help you avoid damage to your cooling system because of power surges. But the danger is not just to the evaporative cooler; it is also for your own protection. Electricity is not to be toyed with, even with a cooling system that consumes little electricity.

Clean The Evaporative Cooler’s Exterior

The exterior of your air cooler is just as important as the inside and affects the performance. When you keep your evaporative cooler clean, it will help the cooling system become more efficient. You should clean your cooler’s exterior every couple of weeks; this will help prolong its lifespan. When cleaning your unit’s exterior, wipe down the surface with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive chemicals as they could damage the cooling system. Also, ensure you keep it away from direct sunlight. When placed in such a location, it could cause color changes on the cooler’s surface.

Regularly Inspect and Replace the Cooling Pads

The cooling pads are an important part of the evaporative cooler; this means it needs to be in the best condition. If you didn’t remove the cooling pads before storing them last season, you would have to replace them. Inspect them mid-season, and if they’re cracked, then you need to have them replaced. Your water supply plays an important role in the lifespan of your cooling pad. When replacing the cooling pads, clean the pad frame and retainer to remove dirt before replacing them with new ones. If they’re still in optimum condition when inspected, clean them so they can keep working efficiently.

Clean The Water Tank

You need to also make sure that the water tank is cool, especially when you live in a location with hard water. Ensure you rinse out the water tank with warm, soapy water. Flush the tank out with clean water and then drain out all the water through the drain plug. Before you replace the screws, make sure the rear persons are appropriately fitted.