Before You Move

There are countless reasons to move. Maybe you’re looking for a fresh start somewhere new, maybe you just need a change of scenery, or maybe there’s an exciting opportunity waiting for you there. Wherever you’re going and whatever your reasons, it’s a good idea to take a very close look at your potential future home before you leave your current one.

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Area History

Check out the area, not just how it looks now but especially its history. This is less about local color and history and more about getting a feel for where the area is coming from and where the area is headed. Whether you’re looking for Suffolk VA homes for sale or apartments to rent in the middle of LA, it’s wise to look beyond the surface. An area that looks a little run down might actually be up and coming, and a place that looks nice might be overpriced and on the verge of collapse. Investigating its history will give you a much better idea of what’s going on there.


It’s also wise to check what’s close by. In a micro sense, this means finding the nearest hospital, grocery stores, and other necessary sites. In a broader, macro sense, where is the nearest big city, and what is the nearest entertainment attraction? Real estate is all about location, and location is all about proximity.


Even if you don’t have kids, you should look into the schools. Maybe you aren’t going to have kids, or maybe your kids are already grown up and moved out, but your neighbors may have kids, so they’ll be looking at the schools. No to mention the fact that any potential future buyers might want to know what schools are nearby.


It’s also important to look at transportation. If you aren’t interested in public transportation or your area doesn’t offer much by way of buses or trains, you should at the very least look at the roads and highway maintenance. Travel and transportation are a huge part of your daily life and a huge part of a local government’s expenditures. Transportation grids can tell you a lot about an area.

These aren’t the only things you should look at before you move somewhere, but they are great places to start. Make sure to check out the area’s history and what’s nearby as well as the quality of the schools and roads before you commit to a big move.