Coronavirus Impact on Gardena California

First, we must mention that the entire state of California has been affected by the shelter in place that has been implemented by Governor Gavin Newsom. However, some cities have been hit harder than other. The Bay Area in Northern California is the seat of the Silicon Valley. The innovative spirit there has seen an explosion of alternative work environments for tech workers. The company that has been making the news a lot lately is Zoom. Zoom is a technology platform that allows remote workers to hold meetings online through video conferencing.

However, in many areas in Southern California, the main workforce is much more varied. Many jobs have tasks that cannot be performed from home. One city that has been impacted relatively hard is Gardena. This city in the South Bay with about 60,000 residents, has the second largest Japanese population after Honolulu Hawaii. The major companies in Gardena are Digital Manga and Nissin, both of Japanese origins. There are no major companies that are currently open in Gardena as these are not essential in the current environment.

There are some public services in Gardena that are still open. Also, some restaurants are open and offering food service delivery. If you live in Gardena, you can visit the link here to see a list of grocers and restaurants that are open. There are also referrals for homeless shelters and food services for anyone struggling to afford food.

Some businesses are always in operation and can adapt to any situation. One such industry is real estate. It is really amazing that residents are still buying and selling houses. Real estate agents have been conducting virtual walkthroughs and handling paperwork through mail, digisign and courier. The real estate market is very resilient and has followed the same seasonal trend. The market in May should see a huge upswing in demand for moving companies.

One company, We Buy California Houses for Cash, continues to invest in real estate. Companies such as this buy houses for cash, then fix and flip them for a profit. According to Matt, the owner of We Buy California Houses, the market is hot for homeowners selling houses for cash. He mentions that anyone that has multiple properties can easily raise cash by selling assets, and he gets calls because he buys houses with tenants. Obviously, selling a house for cash can help homeowners that are worried about their financial situation.