Five Tips to Kill Bed Bugs

Dealing with bedbugs can be a nightmare for homeowners. These pests do not spread diseases, but they can leave behind painful, itchy bites on their victims. When bedbugs are present in a home, it is important individuals learn as much as possible about the options to help to kill bed bugs. With this guide, homeowners can learn some tips that will help them overcome their bedbug problems.

How to Know If Bedbugs Are in a Home

While bedbugs can offer subtle clues, it is the bites that often inform individuals they have a problem. Bedbugs like to feed on their victims at night, and they will leave behind a zigzag pattern of red, raised bumps that itch profusely. If a person is noticing bites upon waking, they need to call in a professional. A professional exterminator will come out and take care of the problem right away. If any of the following signs is noticed, an exterminator will be required.

  • Smears of blood on the bedding
  • Coffee ground-like residue in the crevices of the mattress and pillows
  • Discarded egg casings
  • Discarded exoskeletons

Tips for Getting Rid of Bedbugs

There are a few things homeowners can do to get rid of bedbugs in their home. Taking the following five steps will help homeowners to be rid of the unwanted pests that are feeding on them at night.

  • The first step a homeowner should take is to call an exterminator. Getting rid of bedbugs is never easy and takes a concerted effort. With the help of a professional, bedbug problems will become a thing of the past, allowing individuals to sleep easier.
  • Washing all the bed linens in hot water is essential for getting rid of bedbugs. The linens need to be washed at a high temperature to destroy the bedbugs in all stages of life. It is also important to completely dry the linens and do not place them back on the beds until the bug problem has been eradicated.
  • Cutting down on the clutter inside a home can help to discourage these bugs from hanging out. By decluttering and calling a professional, these bugs will become a past problem.
  • Careful cleaning of the home is also important. These bugs leave behind scent trails which can attract other bugs.
  • Heating up the space can help homeowners to get rid of these unwanted pests. Bedbugs cannot survive in certain temperatures. Consult with a pest control expert for further information.

Call in the Experts

Because getting rid of bedbugs can be so arduous, it is wise for individuals to first call in the experts. They have the knowledge and tools available to safely and effectively remove bedbugs so they are no longer biting individuals in the home.

It takes time to fully get rid of bedbugs, especially if a person tries to go through the process alone. With the help of a pest control specialist, the bugs will be killed faster and homeowners will be able to enjoy sleeping in their beds again, without worrying about irritating bites.