Great Advantages for the Outdoor Kitchens

With the return of sunny days, the garden becomes the “extra” room throughout the summer. And if the advantages of installing an outdoor kitchen are numerous, certain criteria must be anticipated before embarking on an outdoor kitchen project.

Outdoor kitchen: think about space

The first question to ask yourself before embarking on an outdoor kitchen project is to delimit the place that will be allocated to it. To begin with, if your exterior does not have at least ten square meters to accommodate it, it’s a waste of time. From bradenton outdoor kitchens you can have the best deals.

Indeed, the outdoor kitchen is for those who benefit from a large enough exterior. It is necessary to be able to accommodate at least three major elements: the preparation area, the cooking area and the washing area.

Moreover, setting up a kitchen in your garden cannot be improvised from an administrative point of view either. Indeed, for installations of 20 m 2 or more, a building permit may be compulsory. Be sure to inquire at the town hall. Otherwise, a simple declaration of work is sufficient. In the same way, you must refer to the PLU (local urban plan) of your municipality to install your outdoor kitchen in accordance with the dividing limits with the defined neighbors. If the aroma of your grilled merguez can tempt your guests, it can also be a source of conflict with the neighbors.

Adapt according to technical constraints

The outdoor kitchen should therefore be placed in a thoughtful way, also because it should not be too far from the house. In fact, the water and electricity connections are not extensible. You also have to think about going back and forth to the interior which can also be necessary but tiring by dint of repetitions.

The water and electricity connection cannot be improvised either. As well as the connection of your sink to the sewer network. If your outdoor kitchen requires the installation of hot water, you must think about these technical constraints in advance.

If the cooking method is gas, charcoal or wood, the issue of electricity will come down to the installation of lighting. Likewise, if you live in a cold region, beware of frost which can damage the pipes. In short, it is better to contact an electrician and a plumber to secure your installation.

A wide choice of styles and equipment

The budget is also reflected according to its needs. The most ambitious projects require the intervention of a professional: landscaper, interior designer or kitchen designer. But some large gardening or DIY stores offer functional and easy-going outdoor kitchens.

In fixed and XXL version, the summer kitchen is available as you wish. Traditional outdoor stone kitchens can offer a variety of equipment such as a pizza oven or a brick barbecue. Outdoors, the durability and resistance of the materials is essential, take this decisive criterion into account.

The choice of location

The outdoor kitchen can find its place in a veranda, under a pergola or a pool house. If you are short on space, you can turn to the mobile outdoor kitchen. Large gardening and DIY stores offer a wide choice in this area.