How to choose between hardwood and engineered wood? 

The options for wooden flooring has changed rapidly in the past few years. Over the years, we have come across a long way and no longer stuck to the concept of natural hardwoods. The advancement of time has, however, showed the presence of different woods that can eventually contribute towards the rising market. 

The engineered woods are one of the new types of woods which help in proving functionality and traditional design. The balance between functionality and design is observed on a full scale. The perfect blending between the two can eventually help you get the best. 

The type of floor you choose is based on your lifestyle

Believe it or not, but the lifestyle you follow has a vital role to play in determining whether you should opt for hardwood floors or engineered wood floors. The aesthetic appeal has an important role to play, but you wouldn’t like it. The wooden floor loses its value because your pet put up a scratch mark on it. Whatever floor you are installing, needs to be taken into consideration thoroughly. Any material that is at a high risk of being damaged due to high traffic doesn’t get it installed in high-traffic areas. Moreover, you will also need to consider how much you are willing to spend or what your budget is to determine the best for you. 

Comparison between solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring

Both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood have become extremely popular in the market. However, you will be required to choose anyone that can fit in all your requirements. 

Solid Hardwood

The solid hardwoods are available in the market in different varieties. Installing solid hardwood can be extremely tough since they need to be nailed down together for proper installation. Also, you may need to install the solid hardwood around kitchens and bathrooms for better use. The solid hardwood flooring from Spec Wood, however, can last for a long time. Thus, make sure that you do not miss out on them. 

Engineered wood

While you get the varieties of solid hardwood, you may not get the same with engineered wood flooring. Sanding the engineered woods can be tough and can be done only once or twice. Nonetheless, the installation of the engineered wooden flooring is extremely easy, as they can be glued or nailed together. Compared to solid hardwood, the engineered wood isn’t much durable and can be used widely. But, the engineered are extremely affordable and can match the long-term value.