When you make a conscious effort to monitor the use of electricity in your home, you actually end up achieving two objectives simultaneously. One, you save money every month with a lower electricity bill and two, you contribute towards saving the environment from over exploitation. In this article, we will share the many ways in which you can increase your disposable income with savings from controlling your home electricity bill.

Light colours save electricity

For painting the walls of your home, we suggest that you use light shades as they will reflect the natural sunlight and eliminate the need for artificial lighting, which in turn will save electricity and lower your electricity bill, while we have a good coloured wall shade  in dosti pine balkum thane west where you saved good money in electricity

Buy energy efficient appliances

Across all your daily requirements in every space of your house, you utilise different appliances for cooling your room with a fan and air conditioner, preparing delicacies in the kitchen using a mixer grinder, heating food in a micro wave, keeping food fresh in a refrigerator, working from home on your laptop or computer, lights to brighten up your home and more. You should ensure that all the electrical appliances used in your house are duly certified as energy efficient, as these appliances consume lesser electricity and keep your electricity bills on the lower side.

Do your laundry in cold water

When you put your clothes in the washing machine, do not rush to switch on the “hot wash” button. According to energy experts, close to 90% of the electricity utilised to wash a laundry load goes toward heating the water, thus increasing your electricity bill. Which is why most detergents are created to wash better with cold water.

Go solar and see the difference

If you can convince your housing society committee to install solar panels on the building’s terrace for harnessing solar energy during the daytime, you will see a difference in the electricity bill once you begin using solar energy generated electricity by replacing most of your regular electricity consumption.

Standby mode is not energy efficient

While taking a short break from our work and entertainment, we tend to put our television and laptop in standby mode instead of shutting it down completely, because we want to save time by getting the appliance back to life when we want to use it again. However, the appliance also uses some electricity even when it is in standby mode.

Old AC air filters are electricity guzzlers

With the passage of time, the air filters of your air conditioner have to work harder to get the room temperature down to the numerical setting you have chosen it to be at. In this process, the air conditioner consumes more electricity and dismays you with a higher electricity bill. Which is why you should change the filters of your air conditioner at regular intervals while also getting it serviced regularly.

Lower your bill by switching to LEDs

If you’re still using CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs in your home, dosti pine balkum providing LED’s Light where you save a lot of money and they could be one the reasons for your high electricity bills. Switch to LED light bulbs which use lesser electricity while giving you brighter light, and see the downward difference in your electricity bills.