How to Sell Your House without a Realtor

Do you know how to sell an House for reassignment in a house under construction or real estate in the secondary market?

Realtor services are often included in the price of the House and this pushes away the buyers. We give step-by-step instructions on how to sell an House without a realtor in the secondary market and tell you what to do with real estate in houses under construction.

How to sell an House in a house under construction without a realtor

The peculiarity of the sale in a house under construction is that you do not need to collect and check a large number of documents. Since there is no property yet, and there are only housing requirements, they are transferred precisely.

Step-by-step instructions for concluding a deal:

  • Rate the object. The basis is the current price level of the developer.
  • Invite to view housing, if it is already completed. The show is arranged in Houses without decoration.
  • Familiarize the buyer with payments confirming the payment. If the property was purchased in a mortgage, add the bank’s consent to the assignment of rights.
  • Notify the developer of the intention to transfer the rights to the object.
  • Agree on a payment method and sign an agreement when transferring money to a bank.
  • Sign the assignment agreement and register
  • Get the money.

How to sell housing in the secondary market

We will describe the sequence of actions for those who already have ownership rights.


Determine the price of the property and your goals in order to understand how best to sell and how long it will take. Your task is to find out not the final price, but the range from which you can build on advertising. The cost is affected by 10 factors, like- Assessment factors, Type of construction, Area, View from the window, the location of the house in the area, the distance from the metro or public transport, Floor, Layout of the house, the infrastructure of the house, Availability of repair

Collection of documents

Some documents have a validity period, so receiving them in advance makes no sense.

  • This is a document that indicates the reason for the occurrence of ownership.
  • Passport of the owner and birth certificate
  • Consent of guardianship authorities, if one of the owners is a child.
  • Bank permission
  • Confirmation that you notified other interest holders if you are selling only your share
  • A notarized power of attorney, if the owner will not sell, but his authorized representative.

Along with these, there are various things you have to keep in mind when you go for selling your property.

  • Advertising- You needs to make a good announcement and choose sites for it. Describe in your ad all the benefits of the property.
  • Views and negotiations- preparation for the shows. It is advisable that the housing was made light cosmetic repairs. Take care of good lighting and a pleasant smell.
  • Receive prepayment
  • Statement
  • Transfer of money
  • Contract signing
  • Registration of transfer of rights and receipt of money

After the transaction is completed, the seller transfers ownership of the property.