Non-destructive Digging- A Practical Alternative Method

This is probably the reason that it is gaining massive popularity despite its practicality over the different methods of digging which are manual and mechanical.

The majority of people still prefer manual and mechanical digging techniques despite the horror stories of how these can be destructive and unsafe especially to the utilities and assets that exist underground. Mechanical digging utilizes heavy equipment and large machines, and manual digging utilizes tools, all of which can stand for severe damage. These two techniques have cause issues and damages to these like gas leaks from a power outage, gas pipes or electrocution because an electric cable gets flooding from a pipe. The tools and machines utilized in these methods can do massive destruction and damage.

On the other hand, non-destructive digging, as the name itself says, is a process that is both safe and does not do any sort of destruction to the underground assets and utilities. There is an effective way that non-destructive digging can be done, and that is hydro excavation. The method uses water as a source to break the ground and then loosen the soil.

What Makes Non-Destructive Digging More Practical?

Besides the safety and non-destructive benefits that non-destructive digging has, it has many other benefits that make it way more practical. These are:

  • This method costs less as it requires some workers to finish the job and utilizes fewer resources such as gas to power the machine.
  • This is more accurate. This depicts that the requirement for back jobs is minimized or not even required.
  • It causes less air and noise pollution.
  • It is eco-friendly as it does not cut tree roots or destruct the surrounding areas where the digging is practiced.
  • It does the entire process in less time.
  • It can be utilized in tight or small spaces. If the area is very sensitive, it can even work off-site.
  • Cleaning is convenient because excess water, mud, slurry, and soil are continuously vacuumed out and kept in a holding tank for instant disposal.

The non-destructive digging is indeed a more practical choice that people should prefer using. As a result of not doing destruction and being safe, there will be no extra expenses to be invested for repairs and hospitalization or treatment for workers who get a severe injury. Non-destructive digging does the job even better than the other digging methods.