Preparing For Replacement Windows on Your Home

The windows on your home provide natural light, a barrier against bugs and protection from the elements. When your windows begin to wear out, you might notice cold air seeping in during the winter, panes that fog up or an inability to open and close them smoothly. While new windows are a hefty investment, they can increase the energy efficiency of your home and give you an updated style. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before you go shopping.

Know Your Environment

Consider the average temperatures, moisture levels and altitude your home is in. If you’re moving to a new area and you know your home needs new windows, this step is crucial to help you choose the right type. Energy Star replacement windows Philadelphia County PA offer the energy efficiency you may be looking for, but you still need to talk to your window expert about all the options that work well in your environment to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Narrow Down Your Options

Know the aesthetic style that will work on your home and with your budget. Having a budget helps keep you within a specific range of windows, but you still need to decide between wood, vinyl or fiberglass material. You also have to choose the type of window you like, the two most popular being double-hung, crank-out and sliding. The final major decision will be the glass option that works best for you.

Plan Ahead

Depending on if you go with a standard size window or a custom fit window, the amount of time from purchase to installation can vary greatly. Don’t expect to have windows the following week if you’re hoping for a custom window with unusual materials. It may look perfect on your home, just make sure you plan ahead. The season of the year can make a big difference as well, with many more people having windows replaced in the mildest months.

Preparing For the Installation

You’ve chosen your windows, scheduled the crew, now what do you need to do to make installation as seamless as possible? The installers will appreciate it if you move all curtains and blinds off of the windows so they have the freedom to move and use their caulk without worrying about ruining your items. It can also be helpful for you to move any furniture a few feet away.

Buying windows isn’t the easiest process in the world, but choosing your options thoughtfully can make a huge difference by lowering your stress levels.