Simple Habits to Avoid Plumbing Disasters

Every one of us faces plumbing issues from time to time, and this is one of the unavoidable aspects of homeownership. Most of the time, plumbing issues result in huge service bills, water wastage, and even property damage that you end up paying more for getting the damages repaired.

As a homeowner, we should understand that some simple daily habits can help us avoid the plumbing disaster.

Proper garbage disposal

Most people toss the food waste into the kitchen sink or garbage disposal pipes assuming that it could pass through the wastewater pipes. But the reality is that the garbage disposal blade is not as sharp to chop this wastage such as vegetable peels and animal bones. It starts to get lodged underneath or in-between the blades and cause the blade to stop turning efficiently. It could result in the garbage disposal motor burning out, and you might have to get the entire equipment replaced.

To avoid the clogging of the garbage, one should understand the proper method of disposal of the waste materials. It is best to throw the vegetable and fruit peels in the compost pile that will be broken down into fertilizers for your kitchen garden.

Proper disposal of cooking grease

The most common by-product of cooking is the grease, and some have the habit of pouring the hot liquid grease down the kitchen drain. It is a smart and easiest way to get the greasy substances disposed of and end your kitchen work. But the grease will tend to coat your pipers as it passes through it and when the slowly cools down. When cold water is run from the tap, the grease will start to congeal at the entry point and blocks the pipes. Make it a habit to collect the greasy waste substances in a dedicated container and toss them outside the house safely.

Not using the drain traps

Another bad habit that causes the plumbing issue is not using the drain traps regularly. Drain traps are used in the kitchen sink, bathtub, shower drains, and similar entry points. It helps in avoiding the things to be washed down the drain that may not pass through the pipes. It helps to avoid sudden blockages and partial blockages effectually.

Flushing the thing in the toilet

Another ill-habit that could end up on heavy plumbing bills is treating the toilet like garbage. It causes the clogging of the pipe. Never flush the feminine hygiene products, kid’s diapers, paper towels, baby wipes, and similar substances in the toilet that could cause the clogging.

Handling the minor plumbing issue yourself

It is always not the best advice to manage the plumbing repairs yourself, because a professional plumber’s help would be expensive. As an inexperienced individual you may end up making bigger mistakes and you might have to be regretful about the time, money, and energy wastage.

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