What Are the Benefits of Having New Insulation Installed?

Homes that are older may be lacking key insulation that could protect from losses of energy. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize they have insulation problems right away. Older types of insulation can bunch up and become damaged over the years. Today, there are multiple options available that can effectively insulate a home and make it more energy-efficient.

Benefits of Having New Insulation Installed

There are many spray foam benefits with new installations. No matter the type of insulation installed, homeowners can reap many benefits that end up saving them money. The following offers information on some of the benefits homeowners can experience when they have new insulation placed in their homes.

  • One of the biggest benefits of having new insulation installed is energy savings. Some homeowners do not realize their lack of insulation is like throwing money out of the window. Many homeowners notice immediate savings on their electric costs.
  • Too much condensation in a home can led to wall damage. When condensation becomes problematic, homeowners may notice increased mold and mildew growth inside their home. Controlling condensation is possible with effective insulation.
  • Some types of insulation can also act as a fire retardant. Insulation can prevent the spread of serious fires and help stop them in their tracks.
  • Improved home insulation also offers the benefit of increased comfort in the home. When a home is properly insulated, it is less likely to allow outdoor air in, which can help to keep a home warmer or cooler, depending on the season.
  • Many homeowners are excited to learn new insulation can increase the value of their homes. Even if an owner does not plan on selling in their near future, it is still important to increase the value of their home.
  • Some homeowners will be offered incentives for improving their insulation. Some insulation companies offer rebates for homeowners.

Types of Insulation

There are multiple types of insulation available, depending on a person’s home and budget needs. When it comes time for a homeowner to choose among the insulation types, they should consider the following options.


Fiberglass insulation comes in rolls and has been around for many years. It is sold according to wall thickness. It is important homeowners choose carefully, to ensure they adhere to the recommendations for installation.


Open-cell insulation has the same R-factor as fiberglass insulation, but it has the ability to be installed in more complicated areas than the traditional rolls. It also acts as an air infiltration barrier for the home.


Closed-cell insulation has a higher R-factor. It is more expensive than the other types of home insulation, but most homeowners consider it well worth the cost.


Before choosing any type of new insulation for a home, it is wise for homeowners to consult with professionals. An insulation professional will come out and inspect a home fully, offering solutions for insulation and helping homeowners make an informed decision.

With the right insulation in place, homeowners can begin to save money on their heating and cooling costs. They will also experience the benefit of an increased home value.