What are the interior decoration styles and what suits you?

When decorating or redecorating a space it is vital to recognize its objective and what feeling you want to express in the environment. That is why it is important to know what style of interior decoration to choose and which best suits your needs. A professional Singapore interior design expert can easily help you choosing the best. Before you hire an expert, it is our duty to let you know the styles that exist in interior decoration.

Classic Style

It is the composition between the current and the classic. It is about keeping the decoration elegant and sophisticated, but without leaving modern trends behind. White, beige and brown colors predominate.

Contemporary Style

Unlike the previous one, this one is close to the trends and innovations of the moment. They are spacious and highly functional, and it is kept with few objects to avoid oversaturation.

Minimalist Style

One of the most fashionable styles, it is close to a philosophy of detachment, in which you only have to have the essentials, ornaments do not exist and neutral colors are used, as well as natural light.

Rustic Style

A style widely used in houses to relax, it gives the feeling of a rural home, warm colors such as coffee and orange are used. The materials are rough and varied such as wood, stone, clay, wicker, fabrics and even ceramics.

Retro or Vintage Style

As its name implies, it takes up past trends of old styles, currently the decade of the 50s 70s is revived, which use vibrant colors, technology of the time and rounded shapes.

Bohemian Style

It is characterized by sending a happy and harmonious vibe, with colors, patterns and striking things, the ornaments saturate the spaces and the contact with nature is essential, so furniture that does it is sought.

Nordic or Scandinavian style

One of the trends that has remained in force for years, it is simple but functional. Use neutral colors with comfortable furniture and straight lines, it is almost minimalist.

Industrial Style

This shape is characterized by large spaces that simulate industrial warehouses, the structures are exposed and manipulation or “disguise” is avoided, that is, the wiring or the ventilation system is seen. Use neutral colors, with gray and metal being the favorite.

Romantic Style

The main characteristics are pink and flowers, the embellishments are used to express emotionality. Tenderness and sweetness are an essential part.

Glam Style

Elegance and shine are the essence of this trend, it takes up art deco styles from the 20s – 30s, reflective surfaces are recurrent, as well as gold and silver colors.

Ethnic Style

This current takes up distant and exotic cultures to reproduce their spaces, concentrates on crafts or images of said civilization, it can range from the East, Arab, South American, African and even pre-Columbian.

Eclectic Style

It would be described as the anti-current trend, that is, it takes up different elements to the total taste of the decorator, and it is capricious, expressive, and colorful. Although the composition is taken care of to avoid a bizarre combination.