What causes roof damage

The roof is often the most ignored element of the house. Most homeowners forget to take care of the roof of their house and as a result, the roof gets damaged and they have to pay more to get their roof replaced which they could have avoided had they maintained their roof regularly. You can avoid such a mistake by contacting a roofing company in Manchester NH if you live near that area. For a better lifespan of your roof, you need to maintain your roof regularly in addition to knowing the causes of roof damage. We have made a list to ease your work.

Improper Installation

Many people feel that installing a roof is easy and so they try to do it themselves. However, it is not easy to install a roof properly. For this, you need certified professionals who can do this properly and without much hassle.  It is the work of the professionals that make the work look easy.  Improper installation can lead to gaps in the roof which will eventually allow water to flow inside ad make the roof weaker. If you are looking to replace your old roof or put up a new roof for your house, you should contact any roofing company in Manchester NH, who would certainly install your roof properly.

Weather Conditions

Roofs are meant to protect your family from extreme weather conditions. However, these are also the reason for your roof to get damaged. Heavy winds can expose the materials of your roof like nails and shingles, which can be uprooted and lead to a damaged roof. The roof of your house experiences different kinds of weather every day such as snow, rain, ice, or even humidity. These all can impact your roof. Thus, after any heavy storm or rain, it is important to inspect your roof. Many times, after heavy rainfall, the water falling on the roof does not get a particular way to move out and thus gets collected which seeps through the roof and into your house. If you find there are puddles of water on your roof, or any other fault in your roof, you can contact a New Hampshire roofer.


If you take proper care of your roof, it is surely going to last longer and protect you from other extreme conditions and prevent you from costlier expenses. It is important to hire a certified professional to inspect your roof or even repair it.