What You Need to Know About the Hot Water Installation

Hot water availability in a private house is an integral part of a comfortable life. The temperature of ordinary cold water does not exceed 10 degrees. Therefore, it is required to heat it up for domestic purposes. When creating comfort in an individual residential building, people try first of all to solve this problem. After all, not everywhere there is a common hot water supply. Modern equipment allows you to organize water supply in a private house in different ways. Let’s consider them.

Storage water heaters 

A storage water heater is a powerful tank or boiler into which a heating element is built. A large volume, where water circulation takes place, will make it possible to use hot water for several hours.

Accumulation systems

These are special tanks that hold a large volume of water and maintain its temperature at a high level for a long time, preheating it. These boilers differ in the volume of the tank:

  • 5 to 10 liters: enough to wash your hands or some dishes.
  • 50 – 100 liters: enough for washing dishes and showering.
  • About 1000 liters: enough for a large family.
  • Positive aspects of the savings system:
  • Maintains the temperature of a certain volume of water.
  • Creates a supply of hot water. Relevant in case of water supply interruptions.
  • Installed anywhere.

Negative sides:

  • Limited in volume.
  • Heating takes time, sometimes a long one.
  • The larger the volume of the boiler, the more difficult it is to find a suitable place for it.

Flow heaters

Instantaneous hot water system options are suitable for both small houses and large ones, with two or more floors. They do not accumulate water, but heat the running water and immediately fall to the consumer.


Compact dimensions, can be suspended or floor-standing. It often has an original front panel design.

Heating process and immediately as soon as the water supply is opened.

It is not necessary to install a separate heating unit for a separate tap.

Methods for heating water in the system

To get hot water from ordinary cold water, it must be heated. This will require an energy source. By the type of heating, the systems are:

  • Electrical, which can have a second circuit.
  • Gas water heaters with a second circuit.
  • Indirectly heated.

To select a specific option, you need to calculate the power that is needed to heat the water. To provide one tap with hot water, 10 kW is enough, however, for the simultaneous use of a bath with a tap, the power of the heater must be at least 28 kW.

A gas boiler

To install a gas boiler, you will need the help of specialists, since you need to prepare the appropriate schemes, obtain permits, and install ventilation and a chimney, if necessary.

The advantages of this type of water heating are that it has autonomy. In addition, the lack of electricity will not interfere with heating the water. There are models of gas boilers on the market that save a lot of gas. However, a chimney connection is required. But there are special models that can be installed anywhere in the house. The use of the second circuit of the gas water heating system allows solving the problem of not only hot water in the house, but also its heating.