5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a New Plumber

At some point in our lives, we may need to hire a new plumber. We may encounter a broken pipe, a leaky faucet, or flooding from the water heater. We may need to have a plumbing inspection done regularly to lengthen the lifespan of our plumbing system. Performance routine maintenance also keeps our plumbing systems working efficiently.

Hiring plumbing services Sydney wide is not that easy. We have to make sure that the ones we will get can help us address plumbing issues without much stress. For our safety, we need to find the right expert to do the plumbing job properly and safely. As a guide, here are 5 questions to ask when hiring a new plumber.

Are you a licensed plumber?

Asking if they are licensed in the 1st question you should ask before hiring plumbing services in Sydney. It’s credible proof that they are experts in completing a plumbing task. By taking yearly certification tests, they are updated with the latest building codes and technologies. Besides, hiring unlicensed plumbers may lead to fines and penalties from the Australian government. It’s because the law requires that only licensed plumbers can perform plumbing jobs. Many governments have websites where you can check for a qualified licensed plumber. By simply entering the license number, you can verify whether the contractor is legitimate.

Do you have insurance and warranties?

It is also important to ask if they have insurance and warranties before hiring plumbing services in Sydney. Insurance protects you, your family, and your property from accidents, mistakes, theft, or any inconvenience that can occur with the plumbing works. The plumber’s insurance has risks bonds to compensate for any unexpected cost brought about by any errors or negligence on the part of the plumber. If they don’t have one, you may end up paying these unnecessary expenses from your pocket.

Before signing a contract, ask if the plumbing company offers a guarantee or warranty on their services. Guarantees and warranties differ for each plumbing company. But be sure to ask the specifics. This is to protect you from the improper handling of your plumbing issues. Problems may arise after a plumbing installation or repair is done.  The guarantee or warranty stated if it’s a back job or you will need to cover the cost. Some plumbing companies will promise to fix any problems arising from the work they performed. Some will promise to come back after a year to re-check the issue. Make sure that what is verbally promised is put in writing.

What are your specialties?

It is also smart to ask the specialties before hiring plumbing services in Sydney. This is to ensure that you are getting the right professional to handle your specific plumbing concern. Plumbing is a trade with a large scope. You may not want to hire an ordinary plumber for a water heater repair. Some plumbers specialised in home plumbing systems. Other plumbers specialised in commercial plumbing systems. Several plumbers specialise in fire suppression, gas lines, and sprinkling systems. By knowing the specialty of the plumbers you are considering, you can get the best plumber that specialises in your plumbing issue and that fits your budget.

How much do you charge for a service?

An important question to ask before hiring plumbing services in Sydney is how much they charge for each service. Some plumbing companies charge a service fee by merely visiting your home, checking the issue, and giving a job estimate. Some plumbers charge travel time to and from the job. This can be expensive if their location is far away from your home. So, it will be safe to always ask if they charge such travel and service fees.

Most plumbing companies are fully-stocked with plumbing parts and accessories you’ll need. But sometimes, you’ll need to buy special parts from a local plumbing store. Ask if there is an extra cost in getting those parts. Asking how much it will cost you to pay for the repairs and other charges helps you decide which plumbing company fits your budget and needs best.

When can you get the job done?

Chances are, you will need immediate actions to address your plumbing problems. Some plumbing issues can quickly destroy your property or pose a big danger. You may also need to request permission to leave work to personally attend to the plumber. So, it’s also important to ask when the plumber can complete the job. Better yet, check if the plumber offers 24-hour emergency services as you may need to call them back in the future.