Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Floor Plan Creator

When you finally decide to take up the arduous construction of your dream home, there are a few things to decide on. Creating the right floor plan is the first and most essential task out of those. It helps lay the groundwork for construction and facilitates everything that comes later. You can’t do anything without a well-laid floor plan, from setting a budget to deciding on designer schemes.

What is a floor plan creator?

A floor plan creator, in simple terms, is software that helps your architect to create a basic, 2-D representation model of your home or office that you are constructing. In earlier days, this process was done on paper and was much more complicated. Nowadays, with modern software, the entire process can be done through a computer. From simple floor plans to complex 3-D renditions of your future home or workspace, anything is possible to be created with the right floor planning tool.

There are quite a few floor plan creator tools available on the market, so finding the best floor plan creator can be difficult. We have discussed a few of the popular options available in the market for you to choose from, both free and paid.

Foyr Neo

When it comes to floor plan creators, Foyr Neo is up there with the very best of them. It is a popular option with many architects. It lets you create a floor plan from the ground up. All you have to do is put the details of measurements into the Foyr app, and the software takes charge to create a perfectly aligned floor plan. It also has a handy 3-D rendition option that allows you to generate a real-time 3D model of the construction space. The Foyr Neo comes with a 14 day trial period, after which you can opt for the paid version.


If you are looking for a quick and easy-to-use tool to give your client a basic idea about their construction floor plan, FloorPlanner is the right tool for you. If you are looking for the best free floor planner creator in the market, this is as close to it as it gets. FloorPlanner comes with a free-to-use license for a one-floor plan. You are charged either $4.99 per plan for more programs or go for an annual subscription of $14.99, which covers five projects. It is famous for its ease of use, as it can be efficiently used by professional architects and laypersons with no previous knowledge about designing.


Roomsketcher is a popular floor plan designing an app that comes with a 3D rendering and guidance option. It is highly suitable for designers who plan on demonstrating their floor plans in real-time to their clients. It also comes with full compatibility with Google devices, and you can use the free version for making basic designs.

With the help of the right floor creator app, you can generate a floor plan that brings to life your ideas about a new home. To find the right floor planning tool for you today and take the first step in creating the perfect home.