Why Your Toilet Keeps Getting Clogged

Have you ever wondered why your toilet keeps getting clogged? Sometimes even using a plunger is not enough. It is such a hassle, right? It is unsanitary and could lead to more damages around your plumbing in the future. It’s a good thing we wrote down the top reasons why your toilet could be getting clogged.

First of all, if you have an old toilet, you may want to consider switching to a new one because the old models cannot handle as much flushes. You should also check if your fill valve is working properly. It keeps enough water running for you to flush, so having it damaged can lead to clogs. Pipe blockages are also another common reason for clogs. They are caused by accidentally or purposefully flushing unnecessary items.

Your neighborhood sewage line could also be broken, which is why your flush won’t work properly. Lastly, if you have a damaged or blocked plumbing vent, you won’t have enough force and pressure to flush your toilet, so make sure it is always working properly.

To learn more about why your toilet gets clogged, here is an infographic by Mr. Rooter, the company you can trust for Sewer line repair and replacement.