Air Quality Filtration Options for You Now

Tobacco, mold, cleaning products, building materials, allergens,our home is subject to sources of indoor pollution, which influences the quality of the air we breathe. We spend more than 80% of our time in closed places such as home, work, public transport, this air pollution can have effects on our health. To avoid this, it is important to adopt reflexes in order to improve the air quality. To improve indoor air quality you need the best deal here now.

Air quality: the importance of humidity in the home

You don’t always think about it, but the indoor humidity level is extremely important in air quality. Indeed, in the house, it must be between 40 and 70%. If it is too large, it can affect air quality. The humidity depends on the activities you do in the house, when you take a shower or prepare food, it can increase. But it should not stay high. To improve the air quality in your home, follow our tips:

  • Ventilate the water after each use: the bathroom after each shower, the kitchen after steaming.
  • Do not dry the laundry inside so as not to increase the humidity and cause mold.

Choose the right furniture to limit VOCs

Depending on the furniture you choose, it can be made up of Volatile Organic Components, VOCs. These promote indoor pollution. Therefore, it is important to prefer furniture with the label A +, the latter certifies the absence of undesirable substances for health and for the skin such as chlorinated formaldehyde, benzene and toluene.

Use natural cleaning products

When cleaning, use natural cleaning products. Indeed, conventional cleaning products contain many substances which, when they react with the molecules present in the air, can produce dangerous substances.Breathe better and make your home healthier by checking the following and taking a few simple steps:

The front door

Use a sturdy doormat to remove dirt from under the shoes before they enter. Place the carpet vertically, instead of horizontally, so that anyone who enters it takes several steps.

Lead paint

Gradually, ingestion or inhalation of dust and lead-based paint chips can cause brain damage. If you think your house paint contains lead, have it tested. If so, don’t remove it yourself, but hire a specialist.

Household cleaners, pesticides, paints and solvents

In order to avoid potentially harmful chemicals, choose biodegradable detergent-based products whose labels do not have the words “danger”, “caution” or “flammable”.

Hermetically sealed windows

Keep a few windows ajar all year round to let the fumes given off by powerful cleaning agents and furniture loaded with chemicals escape, reduce the humidity that promotes mold and reduce the level of dangerous gases. If you have allergies, consider purchasing a HEPA air purifier (high efficiency). Against tobacco smoke, consider getting an air purifier with activated carbon filter.

Forest products, such as plywood and particle board

Construction materials, shelves, furniture, paneling, storage furniture and other products made from these woods are assembled with urea formaldehyde glues and adhesives deemed potentially carcinogenic. Formaldehyde irritates the respiratory tract and can cause or worsen allergic reactions. Opt for furniture and cabinets made of hardwood or metal.

Wood stoves and fireplaces

In addition to producing flue gases and toxic and irritant byproducts, wood stoves and fireplaces can send dangerous particles into the air if you burn anything other than hardwood. Burning damp wood can release irritating spores.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners, whether central or window, can have mold, especially when not in use. Drain the water and change the filters regularly. Look at the following details for the same now:

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