Do You Know When You Should Choose Whole-House Re-piping?

Usually, if you are facing a plumbing problem because of leaky or broken pipes, then the solution is by replacing the faulty pipes only. However, in certain circumstances, you need to replace the entire pipes. Mostly, this option is preferred for houses that were built a long time back.

During the pre-1970 days, people were using galvanized steel pipes for plumbing. But due to the corrosion problem, it was changed to copper, PEX, and also CPVC piping.

Replacement of the entire pipes of your home will always be a major task, where you may need the largest plumbing work. In many cases, your best solution for numerous plumbing problems can be going to a reputed company like Pillar Plumbing to ensure no further problem is encountered with your plumbing system with the help of an experienced Atascocita plumber.

The following are the three ways for you to learn that it will be the right time to take help from such skilled plumbers to carry out whole-house re-piping.

  • Your house was built 50 years back

Those who are living in houses that are built before the 1970s and particularly if built before the second world war period then certainly your entire piping must be replaced with new pipes. 

Most vintage houses used galvanized steel that was quite durable but must have corroded by now. By replacing these pipes with copper or plastics will offer your plumbing a new life.

  • Your water pressure is getting dropped and clogs are also increasing

Your residential plumbing can be divided with:

  • Freshwater systems
  • Wastewater systems. 

If your pipes have already declined because of aging and poor materials, then you will find trouble on both plumbing systems. You must call a professional plumber for examining the pipes and check if it is the right time for the whole-house re-piping job.

  • Regular maintenance

If your plumbing work needs too much maintenance at a regular interval then any professional plumber can always identify which pipes are in a much-degraded state then go for targeted repairing to fix them. Your plumber can help you to arrange for your re-piping service.