Enhancing Your Kitchen Lifestyle with Touch-Free Technology


Following the coronavirus pandemic grappling the world, people have invested in touch-free appliances and other items to avoid indirect physical contact with other people through things that are possibly hosting harmful microorganisms. Due to this, homeowners are now remodeling their kitchens to incorporate the popular trend of using touchless appliances.

Touch-free appliances are made possible through the advancements in technology, with various products now available in the market. These products were innovated to provide easy use of appliances and to optimize kitchen chores by making them conveniently easier and faster to accomplish. 

Kitchen remodeling companies Coto de Caza are ready to help homeowners with their kitchen remodeling plans. They can also offer remodeling works, advice on what should be in the kitchen, or what touch-free items are needed most by homeowners. 

Faucet handles are one of the items in the kitchen being touched by people, so it is a candidate for hosting germs and viruses. Opting to remodel the sink and change the faucet into a touchless one is the best way to wash hands without touching anything. Most touch-free taps have motion sensors, so when it does not detect any motions upfront, it does not dispense water. Therefore, lessening the consumption of water compared to traditional designs. Consequently, touchless faucets can be accompanied with touch-free kitchen soap dispenser and touchless towel dispenser. 

Further technological advancements provided leeway for creating smart appliances that can be controlled or viewed via remote or smartphone. Some smart refrigerators sold in the market offer features such as viewing the contents of the fridge via smartphone or adjust the temperature and humidity based on the items being stored in it. It provides ease and convenience for homeowners as it is energy-efficient. 

Another notable example of touch-free appliances is custom lighting. It can be installed in the kitchen and around the house if the homeowner wants easy navigation. There are several contemporary light fixtures available in the market that can be operated with a remote device or use motion sensors. 

Moreover, items that are mostly touched by homeowners are the kitchen cabinets, especially when looking for cooking essentials or plates and utensils. Investing in cabinets that open without knobs or handles can reduce the germs being left on the cabinetry. Remodeling kitchen cabinet Corona is not a problem as companies offer kitchen remodeling works for homeowners wanting touch-free cabinetry in their kitchens. 

Homeowners should also invest in robot vacuums and touchless garbage bins to keep the kitchen clean with less touch on items such as a broom, mop, and rug. Limiting physical contact via the handling of kitchen cabinets, faucets, and dispensers can keep a homeowner’s family safe from a variety of disease-causing germs. This infographic of Mr. Cabinet Care lists some touch-free items that can enhance a homeowner’s touchless kitchen lifestyle. 

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