Essential Information Before Buying HDB Main Doors

With so many choices in the market, choosing the right main doors to an HDB is a rather difficult task. The entrance doors to the HDB provide protection against thieves, as well as perform a decorative function. It also serves as a border and helps with a home’s interior decoration.

Hence, certain unspoken requirements are imposed on it. Ideally, as doors, they must correspond to a high level of security and provide protection against hacking.

Also, the door to the HDB should also retain heat inside the room and prevents the penetration of extraneous noise.

What is the best door to your HDB home?

The choice of which HDB main door to go with should be approached with caution.Knowledge of the specifics and the conditions for its use would be helpful to homeowners.

An insulated door will keep the warmth inside the room. The main sources of air circulation for the HDB are the windows and the front door. If your entrance is not equipped with a coded lock and is accessible to anyone, then you should take care of that safety aspect of your HDB door.

Of course, the installation of the door needs to be done according to the rules. In Singapore, the installation company needs to have proper certification for the right door installation.

Considering that a large number of break-ins are carried out precisely through the front door, it should be as strong and secure as possible. Armored doors are best suited for this purpose, it is almost impossible to break open such a door, this will require professional equipment, the use of which will certainly attract the attention of neighbors.

Therefore, thieves who encounter an obstacle in the form of an armored door on their way, in most cases, do not even attempt to enter.

Requirements For Outer Doors

The outer door must be vandal-resistant, i.e. not affected by mechanical and thermal influences. A metal door meets these requirements, maintaining its original appearance for many years.

With high humidity in the entrance, it is necessary that the door is moisture resistant, the metal version again meets this criterion. In terms of appearance, steel entrance doors can be made in a huge variety of colors and shapes. Therefore, each owner will be able to choose the option that best suits his requirements.

Main Qualities Of A Good HDB Main Door

  • When choosing an entrance door, for example, metal entrance doors,, you need to pay attention to some features. This will help you not to make a mistake and choose a good option.
  • The structure of the entrance iron door must be strong. It is better that the frame is made of a one-piece bent profile, the number of stiffening ribs is 5-6, this will create strong reliable protection.
  • Doors must have good heat and sound insulation so as not to let outside noises and odors into the HDB.
  • The weight of the door must be at least 80 kg, and the thickness of the steel sheet must be at least 1.5 mm.
  • For the core of the lock, an armor plate is important, which protects the lock from burglary.
  • Experts advise installing several locks with different locking mechanisms, for example, lever and cylinder locks.

What Determines The Price When Choosing An Entrance Door?

Nowadays, door products on the market comes in various models. You can find doors for every taste, interior design genre and budget. Of course, the higher the quality of the door is, the higher is its price will be.