Finer Variations for the Word Art and More


How important is word art in design? Many users ask us every day if the way they write with different typefaces affects their designs, be it web pages, logos, advertising, among others. In this article we want to clarify that it is essential if you want to take your designs to another level. Focus on the typeface you use and especially what you want to convey.

The best of Word Art

Word art is essential in visual areas such as art, marketing, advertising, and design, among others. It is important as it manages to convey emotions and public attention. If you want to improve your designs, focus on generating positive reactions in your viewers when it comes to word art. Don’t neglect the little details. Go Beyond a Word Art and have the best deals.

You need a company specialized in design, which is in charge of improving your word art to make your brand known. Hire professionals in the field and they will provide you with quality services.

History of Word art:

Before knowing the true importance of word art, it is essential that you know its origin. Word art is an art and a type of design that originates when writing is born. Let us remember that millions of years ago in the caves the first human beings designed different types of letters with unique styles and different sensations. The typeface or word art changed according to the person, region, the function of the text, among others.

  • For this reason, the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians were unique and unequaled and conveyed a sense of mystery and sacred. Later, in the mid-12th century, the letters that were written in texts by priests who perfected the art of word art and created new styles day after day. This type of calligraphy was known as Gothic calligraphy.
  • Also, these techniques were really difficult to learn and required years of study and experience. However, it was not until the creation of the printing press that word art gained recognition. All these events took place in Germany by a man named Johannes Gutenberg who designed a machine to improve word art, which allows a considerable number of sheets to be printed. This man created the first font or typefaces known as Blackletter.

The Present Solutions

Currently in the 21st century, millions of fonts or typefaces have been created and word art is considered as an art, where it has been managed and administered in a systematic way and reveals its relevance in the world of design. The origin of the word word art is from the Greek and means: types; hit and write graphos. What refers to a way of writing with different modes either for style or size.

Last Words

At this time, word art is necessary and it is found in our environment, whether in restaurant menus, in advertising, in logos, on web pages, in the main social networks, medical institutes, among others. It depends on the context in which it is needed, if it is for a more formal example, you should change the font used. Fantastic!