House foundations and their problems


You probably expect the foundations of your house to last as long as the building itself, so you probably don’t give much thought to whether or not they’re in good shape, but keeping an eye on them is a good idea and can help to stop problems quickly when they occur and before they get out of hand. Though you might not be an architect or have any idea about the construction of buildings, there are still a few things that you can do (and not do) that can help to save you inconvenience and money in the long run.

Signs to Look For: Crazy Cracks

It’s possible that you’ve seen the signs that something isn’t quite right with the foundations of your house, you just haven’t realised.

One thing to always be on the lookout for is cracks appearing anywhere around the house. In particular, you need to pay careful attention to the condition of the basement walls and floor. Small cracks are common in concrete and don’t necessarily signify anything’s wrong, but if you notice any large ones appearing anywhere then you may need to get a professional to have a closer look at them.

The cracks can appear in both interior and exterior walls, so keep an eye out for any sign of damage to concrete, masonry, and plaster walls in your home. Anything large and unexplained should be investigated immediately. 

Signs to Look For: Shape-Shifting

If things don’t seem to be the same shape as they always were then you might have a problem. If you think your floor feels uneven it could be a sign. As foundations shift, they alter the geometry of the building, leading to floors that can begin to buckle and feel uneven when you walk on them. It’s a similar issue with walls, in particularly the walls of your basement, these can begin to bow inwards and are a clear sign that things aren’t right. 

Another clue to problems with your home’s foundations are doors and windows that won’t open and close properly. The “settling” of the house’s foundations can twist door and window frames out of line, making it difficult—or even impossible—to close them. 

Don’t Replace It, Repair It 

While some professionals might advise the complete replacement of your buildings foundations this is rarely a good idea. It’s a costly and lengthy project that can create as many problems as it solves. There is a good chance that the new foundations will not be put in correctly and will remain uneven, doing nothing to get to the root cause. The problems also lie deeper than the new foundations, in the soil lower down, where they don’t reach. There are far better solutions to damaged foundations and completely replacing them is hardly ever the answer.

Always use trusted, reputable companies to carry out any work on your house. Any work that is carried out badly or using poor-quality materials is likely to cause you a huge number of headaches in the future, and any money you save now will be quickly eaten up by the amount of work needed in the future. 

Foundation Repair of Western Colorado can help you with all aspects of basement and foundation repair. We have a team of experienced professionals who will provide a high-quality, reliable service to deal with all of your needs.