How To Get a Pool Ready for Summer

With the first warm days of spring arriving soon, it is time to get the pool ready for use. In Pennsylvania, like in many parts of the country, the goal is to have pools ready to go by Memorial Day weekend. There are a few steps that everyone should follow to make sure their pool is safe for use during the summer.

Drain the Cover First

Most winterized pools Pittsburgh area have a cover that protects them from cold weather that could damage the foundation. During the winter months, these covers tend to accumulate leaves, branches, and precipitation. Drain the cover before removing it to prevent leaves and dirt from spilling into the water. Then, store the cover for next winter.

Test the Chemistry

Next, it is time to test the chemistry of the water. Traditional pools have a set of chemicals that are used to measure the pH, salinity, alkalinity, and chlorine. The pH of the water should be between 7.4 and 7.6, which is neutral. The chlorine should measure around 3 parts-per-million. If the chlorine is too low, it might not be enough to kill any bacteria and viruses growing in the pool. If the level is too high, however, it can irritate the eyes, nasal passages, and respiratory system. Make sure these values are within safe ranges before anyone gets in the water.

Clean the Pool

With the water safe, it is time to clean the pool. There are bound to be leaves, branches, and other debris in the water. First, use a brush or net to scoop out large items that are floating on the surface. Then, get out the pool vacuum and run it along the pool’s floor. This helps remove debris resting on the bottom. Finally, shock the pool to kill any bugs or microorganisms that might be living in the water. It is also helpful to use an algaecide to kill any algae growing on the sides or floor of the pool.

Ask for Help

It requires a lot of work to get a pool ready for use, so think about asking some friends or family members for help. They can provide assistance with the cleanup and by helping perform a safety check of the pool. This is important for making sure that none of the parts require repairs. Once all of these tasks have been completed, the pool is ready for a party!