How to take care of your Furniture

Apart from buying an apartment or house, Furniture takes another significant share from your budget. Purchasing the right Furniture is always crucial as it takes a lot of money, time, and energy. Lots and lots of products are included in it like sofa beds, chairs, wardrobes and much more. You have to be considerate and practical while buying all the stuff. Furniture can’t be changed daily even these are not items of annual purchase. Moreover, Furniture always reflects the personality of the buyer. All of these factors make Furniture buying a critical task.

After you have bought all the items, according to your budget, style, and décor requirements, it is time to move to the next step.  Maintaining and taking care; these are the second step to ensure your Furniture lasts long. No matter how great Furniture is when you bought it at your home. It might not last long if you don’t take care of it as it deserves.  Wooden Furniture doesn’t require too much attention, and you have to spend very low on its cleaning. If you take care of furniture from time to time, then that will make it look new for a long span, which is much more than it was guaranteed by the seller. On the other hand, if you ignore trivial matters of care that might lead to replacement or repair of the piece earlier than expected.

Furniture is available in different types like wood glass fabric and metal. But being wood as the most common choice, I will stress more on care tips regarding wooden Furniture. Here are a few tips which might help you to take care of Furniture in a better way to make it last longer.

Avoid Sunlight:

Continuous sunlight does not prove to be suitable for your Furniture. If the piece is placed near a window or door, there might be a lot of chance that its color might fade, or it may even start giving an old look. So try to avoid sunlight or make sure that curtains block direct light toward them. Not only wood, but a furniture item made of glass can also lose its shine due to direct sunlight interaction for a longer time.

Dusting often:

Dusting often might take a few minutes, but it will ensure that dust will not be on the surface of Furniture for a long time and stick to it permanently. If you neglect to dust for a long time, the fabric or exterior of the item might absorb the dust particles, which will lose their true colors and shine quickly.


Polishing and waxing of wooden Furniture help to protect the surface of the wood for a long time. But keep in mind to use only manufacturer recommended polish and wax. Many polishes and waxes are available in the market, but not all of them might suit your type of Furniture, so it is better to go for the recommended product.

Removing and avoiding damages:

You should avoid things which might harm the Furniture like a sharp knife or things which leave stains. Scratches and stains don’t look good at all. But it’s not possible every time to avoid them, especially in a home with kids. Take proper measurements to remove the stains; for instance, if there are marks of greasy fingers on them, take a barely damp cloth, dampened with mild water and soap solution, and rub it gently on the stain. Beware of the use of chemicals that damage the surface severely.

Reorganize Furniture frequently:

Try to reorganize Furniture from time to time. It happens that a chair or sofa near to entrances has bright colors that become beloved of all, and you may prefer to sit on it than other chairs. That might put fibers of the items into strains with excess use. Change the seating arrangements frequently, so every piece is used and less stressed.

Vacuum more in case of pets:

If you have pets at home, then make sure that you vacuum daily to avoid any contaminations and allergies.

All of these things don’t take much time in your daily routine. So try to follow it and enjoy the maximum benefits of your Furniture.