Personalized and Customized Accessories for your Bathtub Needs 

If you have contemplated purchasing a freestanding tub, you should consider personalizing and customizing the bathtub to meet your specific needs and requirements. 

Among a wide variety of freestanding bathtub, accessories that you may come across, you should look for a suitable option that meets your needs, the appearance of the bathroom, and the budget. Regardless of the intention has been that of adding a character or for your convenience, the popular additions would be tub caddies, a reading rack, or a wine glass holder. These accessories have been specifically designed to help you relax during your soaking time. 

When the accessories have been installed for convenience, you should consider installing over the rim bath caddy comprising loofah holders or soap baskets. The foot coaster would be a great add-on provided you have a Clawfoot tub. It would help you safeguard the bathroom floor. 

You would also come across several different shower conversion kits made available for bathtubs. It would comprise faucet drillings on the inner bathtub walls or the rim. It would transform the handheld shower into a traditional overhead shower unit. These accessories would conveniently add a conventional shower to your bathtub. 

You could also add an air massage system to the resin or acrylic bathtub. It would help you create a spa-like, luxurious atmosphere. You would enjoy several hydrotherapeutic health benefits. You could also install bubblers or small air jets in the base of your bathtub. The blower motor of the air system would comprise a heating element for keeping your water at room temperature. It would come equipped with a water-resistant remote for controlling the functionality and speed from within the bathtub. It would provide you with maximum relaxation. 

The other personalized accessories that you could install in your bathtub would be inclusive of a customized paint job along with featured rolled rims.