Role of Using Gazebo

People in this contemporary world are upgrading their houses by introducing new ideas. One of them is the construction of Gazebos which are mostly found in parks, gardens or spacious public areas. These sometimes have pavilion structure and sometimes found in octagonal or turret – shaped. The prime purpose of its construction is to provide shade, shelter and ornamental features in landscape. They are roofed and open on all sides. Some are long enough while some have short height. Gazebos may be temporary or permanent depending on the material used in its construction. If a person desires a temporary gazebo, aluminum poles for the framework and a canvas roof will be its basic materials. Sturdier made gazebos are considered more durable than aluminum and canvas materials. Wood and wrought iron are two top most used materials for gazebo building.

Gazebos are available in different styles and designs depending on your desire, free space available in backyard, landscape and decorating preferences. Public areas are mostly decorated with steel gazebos but are not suited in the backyard due to aesthetic and practical reasons. Gazebos made of metal are heavy, prone to rust and difficult to assemble. In case of home, aluminum is best suited instead of steel due to its lighter weight and affordable price. A better choice for a backyard gazebo is wood. It is popular for resilience to wind and snow but more elegant than metal. Cedar and redwood are two common types of wood for gazebos. These wooden gazebos are supposed to be long- lasting and durable. Irrespective of their types and material used, In fact, they have brought comfort in human lives. Below are some key roles they have played in upgrading the lives of human beings.

Safety from storms:

The main superb reason for having a gazebo in the backyard is to provide full protection from sun and rain outside house premises. It is effective both in summer and winter seasons for taking a cup of tea or coffee. People also hire gazebos when they are planning to have outdoor parties or events. It is no way effective in protecting from strong storms, but to some extent provides relief from the disturbance of severe hot or cold weather.

Play Room for Kids:

Gazebo in the backyard also provides a place to play for kids that protect them from elements. Instead of playing inside house premises, it is an appropriate place, where kids gain the same entertainment.

Set Dressing:

During some special events like entertaining friends, family and colleagues, wedding or birthday parties, these gazebos not only act as a shelter provider but also used as a beautiful set dressing. It adds more glamorous and charming to any celebration and serves as a focal point.


Usually, gazebos are open from all sides except the central pillar which holds the roof. However, to cover the sides with lattice is also an option for someone who is keen to have privacy. This method is worthy in maintaining adequate privacy for the backyard as well as gazebo without shelling out large amounts of money for fencing and foliage.


Property Value:

Inclusion of any permanent structure to a property increased its value. Gazebo is also counted as a permanent structure which can add value to the property. It may become a selling point for those who are interested in purchasing.

Require low maintenance:

One particular type of gazebo called Butterfly Gazebo featured with all-weather fabric is resilience to mold and mildew. This helps in maintaining an easy wash. The mechanism of cleaning gazebo is simple and straightforward. Mixing some detergent with water, then picking a soft brush for rubbing is sufficient to end up the process of washing gazebo.

Easy to Move about:

In case a person wants to move the whole set up to another desired place, then it is easy to move around it. Its whole structure is simple and consists of few elements that can be shifted without any fatigue.

Consequently, after discussing various aspects of gazebo, it is easy to derive that building of gazebo in the backyard is now considered an integral part of this modern society. Indeed, it carries a wide range of benefits for the home owners.