Simple Steps For Cleaning Your Curtain


Every household’s curtains need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is because like any other fabric, your curtains will get dirty over time. In fact, more so than most other fabrics, your curtain is likely the single most exposed furnishing in your home.

Being placed at your windows, curtains are fully exposed to foreign particles such as dust, pollen, pests, mildew, mold and dirt in general. As such, it should come as no surprise that if you have not cleaned your curtain for some time, a simple shake will send a dust cloud down. Call to Home Cleaning Services now. 

What Happens When Your Curtain is not Cleaned Regularly

As a fabric, your curtain traps large amounts of foreign particles over time. These pollutants in turn may alter the colour of your curtains and shorten its lifespan. More importantly, it bears a health hazard to people in the vicinity. If inhabitants of your home or visitors to it are sensitive to dust or allergic, their health conditions may be triggered.

How To Clean your Curtains

It is important to note that there are many different ways to clean your curtains. Moreover, different curtain materials have different recommended cleaning methods. As such, our guide here serves only as an overview of the common cleaning practices. Ultimately, you should refer to your curtain manufacturer’s instructions where possible. 

Method 1: Cleaning Your Curtains Without Taking Them Down

The first method mentioned in this article is for cleaning your curtains without taking them down from the rack. This involves brushing, dusting or wiping surface dirt off from the curtain while they remain hung. Since you do not actually have to take the curtains down, this makes for a quick and hassle free maintenance solution.

We recommend using this method on a weekly basis to keep dust or foreign particles from building up on your curtain. 

Method 2: Washing Your Curtains in a Washing Machine

If you are indeed taking your curtains down from the rack, then the next easiest method of cleaning would involve placing them in a washing machine. Typically, they are sprung in cold water together with a fabric cleaner.

However we must stress that you should check the curtain manufacturer’s instructions before performing this. Not all curtains can be machine washed as the fabric may be damaged. 

Method 3: Hand Washing Your Curtains

If your curtain cannot be machine washed, then you will have to do so by hand. This is a much more tiring task but it does preserve the condition of your curtain. One important step that you have to take is to ensure that the curtain is fully air dried before you rehang them on the rack. This is because wet curtains trap dirt and are a prime environment for mold growth.

Engaging Professional Services

Find it too much of a hassle to clean your curtain completely? Struggling to remove stubborn dirt stains? Then engage professional curtain cleaning Singapore services to help you. Professional curtain cleaning services are able to remove deeply entrenched dirt within the inner most fibers of your curtain. As such, your curtain will be returned to you in peak health.