The Technical Support Experts

“Training is chance to empower understanding and install confidence, it’s our absolute passion and responsibility”

Mike Findlay, Company Director.

The most effective installers will uncover themselves requiring support with system installation, but it’s frequently that companies disbursing such products take responsibility for systems until of purchase, then, any emergency for customer service appears to dissipate.

For this reason, customers may be waiting hrs or sometimes days for the support they might need, all of this time, phone bills and expenses surrounding installer hire are clocking up.

There’s only a great way to describe how seriously Bunsen Air distributors make training and technical support in the installers and customers, and that’s ‘extremely’!

Priding themselves in their ability to educate and empower installers and distributors while using the understanding and confidence they have to proceed in installing new innovative technologies like the Bunsen Air, the tech support for the Bunsen Air, understand the support they provide their clients as just as critical as the sales in the systems.

in the office support

The Bunsen Air distibutors undoubtedly are a Yorkshire based company, plus true ‘Yorkshire spirit’ exist to provide friendly and support whenever.

Equally for receptive and approach, the company also consider the best way to save their clients money, by using available it to speak instruction, direction or guidance in a great way.

By understanding that when thinking about lower for that nitty gritty of installation, the best factor their clients want will probably be stuck in danger of minutes on finish, Bunsen Air have opted to train on a approach to communication that’s reflective within the society by which we presently live… video and voice communication.

When there’s and never the right Bunsen Air installation video already available, your tech support will knock one up immediately having a popular phone application. This is often delivered to the client using the application or email link that amounted to nothing. If needs be, they’ll contact you and also talk you thru it concurrently.

Mike Findlay company Director commentsâ??-â??”the great factor is, because we’ve your own Bunsen Air installation on-site, we are able to look at any system component concurrently just as one installer, through the use of video technology, they might mirror precisely what we’re showing individuals to complete, support does not convey more personal or higher efficient than that!”

By realising the possibility that while using apps and technologies we use every day for contacting buddies and family might need to save customers money, and time, Infinity Innovations have produced a person service making them, friendly, approachable, ingenious and superior based on the technical support and customer service given to their clients.

exercising center

Bunsen Air possess a training center situated in their warehouse in Denholme Bradford, by which installers and clients are given electric technical support and thermodynamic training, before purchase or installation.

Alongside this, the company can arrange site visits at work support, to achieve success for first installations.

Mike Findlay company director adds “Training is chance to empower understanding and install confidence, it’s our absolute passion and responsibility. By discussing ideas, understanding and experience, we consequently create valuable skills, and that is how come everything perform useful”.

what our customers say

This wish to have customer support and training is reflected inside a few in the fantastic feedback we’ve had came back…